aland has always been oriented by “customer requirements”. We adhere to the business philosophy of “efficiency, innovation, experience and interlinking” and work to create a greater value for customers and consumers with a shorter delivery period, quicker feedback, more diversified solutions and more flexible operations management.

Supply Chain Management

Strong QC system to ensure aland’s capability for mass production.

Experience with Retailers

Products cover major European and American supermarkets, chain pharmacies and membership clubs. Europe has witnessed a fast increase and strong growth in market shares.

Cost Competitiveness

Continuous strategic collaboration with global major raw materials suppliers, along with efficient production management to achieve cost competitiveness.


Continuous product and formula innovation to create cutting-edge products, to support client’s industry status.



aland cares about consumers’ needs more than anything and aims to provide them with personalized health solutions that suit them best.


aland is committed to offering wellness solutions with all 6 senses served, including sight, hearing, feeling, smell, taste and cognition. aland has more than 10 brands that cover an extensive range of nutritional products, such as sports nutrition, herbal nutrition, nutritional products for practitioner, for kids and for vegans, providing personalized health solutions for all groups.


aland builds a professional health consulting team, along with guest health experts and nutritionists to offer customers a holistic wellness service. aland also introduces advanced genetic testing technology, offering consumers personalized and evidence-based nutrition advice.